Share Accounts

Regular Share Account

Our regular share (savings) account is the basic savings account you open to begin your membership in the credit union. The minimum balance required is $5.00. This $5.00 must remain in your account at all times in order to continue your membership. In order to earn interest, you must have a minimum savings balance of $100.00. Regulation D (Reg D), a regulation imposed by the Federal Reserve Board on all financial institutions, sets limits on the number of monthly transfers and withdrawals that can occur for a Savings account. Members with Savings are limited by this federal regulation to making six (6) automatic withdrawals or transfers per account, per calendar month from any of these accounts. Any withdrawals after the 6, will be assessed a $5.00 excess withdrawal fee.

Share Draft Account

The share draft (checking) account requires no minimum balance, charges no service fee or per check fee. Images (front/back) can be provided with your monthly statement, depending on the type of account you choose:

  • Budget account: we provide first 150 checks, interest is not earned on this account and no check images with monthly statement.
  • Traditional account: minimum balance of $500.00 to earn interest, check images with monthly statement if desired.
  • Senior Citizens (55 years old): no minimum balance to earn interest, we provide checks, check images with monthly statement if desired.