Signature Loans

A personal signature loan is a non-collateralized loan (unsecured). Personal signature loans may be granted for any purpose, subject to the member’s ability to quality for loan based on current credit information.

Pledge Loans

Share Secured loan is a loan pledged against share savings or a term share certificate on deposit at the credit union. The current interest rate using regular shares is 3.25% above the share rate. The current interest rate using a share certificate is 2.0% above the certificate rate with amount loaned at 90% of the balance of the certificate. Your account will be frozen (but still receives interest), and as you pay your loan the money is applied to interest, then principle and is released back into your available balance. Loan term is up to the maturity date on the share certificate.

Other Loans

Visa Credit Card

The Rock Island Visa Card program offers a very competitive fixed rate, as well as no annual fee and a 25-day grace period.

New Vehicle

A new vehicle is one never titled or with less than 6,000 verified miles on the odometer. 100% financing is available.

Used Vehicle

A used vehicle is previously titled or a program car with more than 6,000 verified miles on the odometer. Rates, terms and financing is determined by the year of the vehicle.


This is a loan using an RV or watercraft (boat, jet ski, etc.) as collateral for purchase of RV or watercraft. Rates, terms and financing is determined by the year of the vehicle.

Applying for a loan is easy!

Simply fill out our online application form, or print and fax in your completed application, and someone from our credit union will be in contact with you.